Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My First Post

So I have been apart of this whole blogging website for awhile now. I read everything everyone else is saying but haven't gotten enough courage to start my own...till now. I always feel that I never had anything interesting to say, but I have decided to just write anything and maybe it will be good and maybe it will not. HaHa. Well I am in a really tough semester right now in school. It involves pretty tough courses as well as this is the first semester I have taken in awhile so that always makes it tough too. Just getting back in the swing of things I guess. I am taking Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology I, Philosophy and Statistics. Let me just tell you there is A LOT of memorization involved this semester and its very time consuming!! I should really get used to this though because its less than a year now that I hope to be in nursing school and this semester is NOTHING compared to that!! HaHa...eek!
Well on a different subject, My family and I went to the Dulles Homecoming game last friday. Man I haven't been to Mercer Stadium in probably 6 years! That was a blast from the past!
And to top it off, Bridgett and I took the trip to Sugar Land from Katy to get Soliz! Yummy...they really need to expand with new locations lol! Here is a picture of Bridgett enjoying a yummy taco!

Ok well I guess that is enough for one post. Let's see if I can do this everyday!...umm we will see!!