Thursday, September 30, 2010

Big Apple Red

So I went and got a Mani/Pedi this past weekend and decided I wanted to wear a "sexy" color this time around! The brightest, reddest color they had was Big Apple Red and I absolutely love it!

(The middle finger is not messed up it's just the lighting!)

And this is the color I was sporting before the red...

OPI Nail Polish Color Purple Shrek FUNKY DUNKEY B89

Funky Dunkey!!!

I am totally an OPI girl...That's all I wear!!

So what is your favorite nail color? Who knows I might be wearing your color next!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Master Bath Redo Continued...

I forgot I had a few more pictures I had taken in my phone. So here they are:

This is the cement Alex used to level out the floor before the new floors went down...

We changed out the A/C vent and the exhaust fan. We added an exhaust fan with a light to help out with the lighting in the shower. We needed this because even though our new lighting is beautiful it is quite as bright as what we had before.
Hopefully soon I will have the Afters!
Oh and I am working on a post about a marriage seminar Alex and I went to a couple of weeks ago...
Till then!

Scarf Swap--Finally!!

So finally I am sharing with you all the awesome scarf I recieved from Ashley over at DASH Photography!!
In case you didn't know, I participated in a Scarf Swap hosted my Meredith over at Sweet T Family!
Check out this scarf and the oh so cute card!!

And here I am showing it off!!
I forgot to take a picture of the scarves I sent her but they were really cute! Hopefully she will blog about them so you can see!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Master bath redo

Labor day weekend the hubby and I decided to finish the redo we had started months ago on the master bath.  We already redid the shower, turning it from a tub/shower combo into a full stand up shower.  So that weekend we painted (well actually I did this!), put up a new light above the sink, put in a new vanity (a taller one with more counter space), and replaced the a/c vent as well as the exhaust fan, added a swanky new mirror (that I just love!) and put down new wood floors!  I only have a picture of the vanity area because my mom wanted me to text her a picture of the project so I had this picture on my phone! lol The befores as well as the after of the shower I still need to upload off my camera. But I thought I would at least update on this part because well, I have been slacking on my blog posts!

Yes I know our bathroom is small, but we have an older house and thats the way they come!

So I participated in the second annual scarf swap over at the Sweet T Family and will have a blog up soon telling ya'll all about it!!

Till then....