Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sex in the City 2

Ok so I went to see the movie that everyone has been talking about...thats right...Sex in the City 2! I had been hearing a lot of mixed reviews on the story line as well as the overall likability of this movie. I heard from several people that this follow up to the fabulous first Sex in the City movie lacked a story line and that it was only good for laughs and to catch up on some old characters. These several people also said they would not buy the movie. On the other hand, I heard from several others that it was not quite as good as the first movie but it was loved just the same. Well now I can put my own two cents in because I have actually seen it!
I personally loved the movie just as much as I loved the first. I did think there was a story line and a good one at that. I will leave it at that for anyone who wants to see it but still hasn't. Here is the weird part of my movie going experience....The film that this particular theater had, showed the microphone throughout almost the entire movie. Weird? I know! So for about 85% of the movie you could see this little black ball above the person's head. A lot of times you could see the whole mic as well as the bar that holds it up. A couple of times I even could spot the track lighting on the ceiling. My mom commented, even though I didnt personally catch it, that she could see the soundman's shadow! The movie was still enjoyable, you just needed to look past these little "imperfections"! Now the movie theater we went to was not a "ghetto" theater. It was fairly new and a chain theater. I really wanted to speak with a manager and get a partial if not full refund. My mom, who I was with, however talked me out of it stating it wasnt that big of a deal. What do ya'll think? Would you have spoken with a manager if you were in my shoes? I just figured why should I have to pay full price for an unfinished movie? I even wondered if they knew what they were showing.
So that was my interesting movie going experience! Very strange I know!
.........Until next time............