Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Lovely Scentsy!

A few months ago my sister and I hosted a girls night for all our friends.  Along with yummy food, drinks and games we also hosted a Scentsy Party!! If you don't know what a Scentsy is, it is a very fragrant wax that you melt with a light bulb! So safe and smells sooo good! After that night, I have become addicted to them.  That night I bought two full size warmers, two plug-in warmers for my bathrooms and like 10 of the scent bars!

If these sound interesting to you and you want to try them out or you already love them and want more...then check out Ms. Danielle over at Living in the 'burbs with the Lenz's!!!  She is the wonderful Independent Consultant who hosted our Scentsy Party.  She is doing a Giveaway over on her check it out!! If you don't win and still want to have one of these beauties in your home you could host a party with her(if your in the Houston area) or order straight from her Website!